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Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.


The Treasures of the Thames

July 2020

A fun little article about the joys of searching for historical artefacts in the gloopy mud of the Thames - Mudlarking. I interviewed several well known mudlarks who led me through their amazing and sometimes disturbing finds and the satisfaction they find in mudlarking.

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Mental Floss

July 2020

My first piece for Mental Floss was an article on some works of fiction that somehow accurately predicted the future. Whether that's Ray Bradbury's earpods or a horrific case of cannibalism.

Image by Wesual Click

Fortean Times

June, 2023

An article on the Folklore of Bread for my beloved Fortean Times. I looked back at some of the tales of bread from across Britain. The Devil tempting a bishop with bread? How to cure whooping cough with bread and lice? It's all here, and a lot more.


Jumped the Shark - The Guardian

2017 - Now

Want to know why your favourite TV shows went terrible? For Jump the Shark I dissected them and pinpointed the moment that they stopped being great. House MD you had such promise...



2011 - Now

A collection of list articles for that let me splurge on my love of trivia. You can find out about ancient buildings still being used today, or gay myths from antiquity, or ways to beat the plague that history has tried. Click through to spiral down a fact-based rabbit hole.


Wellcome Collection


The Wellcome Collection is a fabulous resource for images and historical artefacts. Working with them I curated two image galleries covering the "Smell of Saintliness" and "Toxic Fashion Trends."

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The Fifth Sense


The Fifth Sense was an amazing project that looked at the science and art of the senses through the lens of female creators. I wrote about the "Science of Smell," "The history of Perfume," and "The Language of Smell," and a few more.


The Mantle

2015 - 2018

The Mantle gave me a place to write articles on the importance of Epicurean Philosophy. Why did an ancient philosophy about the importance of being happy ever fall out of favour? Also allowed me to review some great books.




Everyone loved Queer Eye and i-D gave me the chance to review the second series. It wasn't just the cast that were in tears.


The Richest


More of my favourite facts in list form. Want to know more about gay leaders from history, or about parasitic plants? Then these are the articles for you!


Folklore Thursday

2017- Now

#FolkloreThursday is my favourite part of Twitter and I was lucky enough to be one of the hosts of the weekly event for several years. I also provided a number of articles ranging from Wolves in Ancient Mythology, to the Phallus as a Potent Symbol.


Extreme Mudlarking: How London Fortune Hunters Unearth Thames Treasures

March 2021

I spoke to Nicola White about her exploits on the foreshore of the Thames. Including using a hovercraft to go mudlarking.



I'm a regular contributor to writing articles and trivia questions about some of the greatest sayings from throughout history. From Aristotle to Betty White, they are all here.


Art UK

September 2021

Divine homosexuality: Ganymede and Antinous as queer icons in art

A look at how gay icons were used in Western art and how they were interpreted by both artists and viewers.

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