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Print Publishing

It's always a thrill to see your name in print. Here is a sampling of times I got that thrill.

History, Myth, Science, and a whole lot more in my articles for Future Publishing. I have had articles in All About History magazine and many Bookazine projects on a range of subjects. 

History and Folklore: Work

Aquila - Bug Camouflage

This piece on bug camouflage was inspired by my canine pal Pam sniffing a dead leaf which then fluttered away. It was actually a Comma Butterfly. Loved teaching children about assassin bugs that pile dead ants on their bodies as a disguise.

History and Folklore: Work

Aquila - Mudlarking

Aquila is one of the best children's magazines on the market. I got to share my love of mudlarking and all the things you can find in the gloopy Thames with their young readership. As a bonus, Sean Lewis did this brilliant portrait of me and the excitement I show when reaching down for something that catches my eye.

History and Folklore: Work

Viking Sagas

Viking Sagas retells the ancient stories of the Vikings as told in the Icelandic Sagas. Was very happy to cover my favourite Viking - he stayed half-pagan by praying to Jesus on land, but only trusting Thor at sea.

History and Folklore: Work

Book of Spells

Want to know how to locate a lost pig? Or force a lover to come back? This bookazine has the answers for you.

History and Folklore: Work

History of Paganism

A bookazine on the incredible history of Paganism. I contributed articles ranging from Roman religion to the modern pagans who are reviving the old religions.

History and Folklore: Work

Salem Witch Trials

A bookazine describing the unnerving events that led to histories most famous witch trials. My articles described the actual bewitching and the key characters involved.

History and Folklore: Work

The Search for the Historical Jesus

An article for All About History about whether Jesus was real (almost certainly) and what we can learn about him. I looked at all the available sources and how we can weigh them up to discover what the historical Jesus was like. Controversial? Hoo boy...

History and Folklore: Work

Thames Treasure Hunters

My first article on mudlarking! I looked at the long history of people foraging on the foreshore (not always for pleasure) and the things that they have found in the mud. Expect everything from fossil mammoth teeth, to Roman pottery, to a surprising number of used condoms (urgh).

History and Folklore: Work

Bronze Age

A Bookazine on all facets of life in the Bronze Age with articles by me on the development of Bronze technology and trade in the ancient world. I also examined the weapons of war that dominated in the Bronze Age, and just what really happened in the Bronze Age Collapse.

History and Folklore: Work

Erik the Red

A cover story on the storied life of Erik the Red as told in saga and revealed in the archaeology. Find out how he made an icy wilderness seem like an ideal place to settle by naming it "Greenland."

History and Folklore: Work
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